Learn how BoX2 combines raw data transmission with local data processing and storage

BoX2 provides the data you need for analysis from your installed base of machines to optimize up-time and overall efficiency. BoX2 accesses data hidden in your machines via communication drivers to all major brands of controllers and transfers it through secure IIoT connections to the cloud. It’s then ready to be turned into insights. We supply other smart software functions to further refine and structure data.

  • Safe storage, access, and administration
  • Secure all the way - access your data from anyplace in the world
  • Drivers for all major PLC brands

BoX2 acts as a cloud gateway transforming local machine data to being accessible in the cloud. Data can be securely transmitted to the Beijer cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure or other cloud-based applications using open standards like MQTT and OPC UA.

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